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Music Director (Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Jr.)

The Music Director’s responsibilities include assisting with casting the show, teaching the music to the cast, and acting as a vocal coach. Proficiency in playing the piano is strongly recommended and preferred. 

Time Commitment: Heavy. Required to attend all production meetings, auditions, callbacks, all music rehearsals and tech/dress rehearsals. Performances are optional. 

Open Positions: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Jr.

Requirements: Previous musical direction experience or equivalent coaching required. 

Position Type: Stipend




TVT believes that Community Theatre should be a fun and exciting escape into the art form. We never ask members to donate more time than they have to our productions. Rehearsals, depending on cast availability will fall between 6pm-9pm weekday nights. TVT aims to only have rehearsals 4x a week until closer to tech week. Actors and Production staff will only be called if absolutely needed for that rehearsal so no time is wasted. 

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