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Mission, Vision and Values


'The Mission of Tooele Valley Theatre is to provide a safe environment for the artists of Tooele Valley to have enriching theatrical experiences and to inspire, educate and entertain.'


The Vision of Tooele Valley Theatre is to ensure year round opportunities for the artists of the Tooele Valley to express their creativity and enrich local audiences.



We see theatre as a way to strengthen the community of Tooele by drawing individuals and families together in shared experiences. We recognize that our community is filled with many diverse thoughts and beliefs. We will always strive to serve the whole of the Tooele Valley and to create an image of good standing and respect. 



We honor our audience and our donors by promising responsibility with our finances to create beautiful theatrical and educating experiences. 



All great work is created within an atmosphere of respect. We provide a safe environment for our artists and volunteers that respects their time, safety, and efforts. 

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